One Special Key

Imagine one key to open your every lock every day.™


2-in-1 key from Spadina Security Toronto Locksmith

Two keys in one

One key that can open your home and your work.  Of course you don’t want your partner, boss or employees to be able to open the front door of your house, and you don’t want your family to open doors at your work.  The answer is to have a different key for your home and your work, then to put them on each side of one key.  Use the key to unlock doors at work, turn it over to unlock doors at home.






One key to open your mailbox and your filing cabinet and your padlock and your desk drawer and your cupboard and your profile cylinder and your switch lock and your deadbolt and your door knob and your…


One special key that cannot be duplicated

Special key order card

These special keys are never copied. New original keys are made by code kept on your key order card.


and if lost, can easily be locked out and replaced

Coloured like a traffic light

Coloured like a traffic light


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