Eagle Eye | Cloud Cameras

Upgrade your camera system in Toronto to take advantage of the power of the cloud.

Benefits of utilizing the cloud

Leverage Eagle Eye’s open, true cloud platform and artificial intelligence (AI) to dramatically transform your video surveillance system into an even more powerful tool. With video AI, the possibilities are limitless for keeping communities secure and engaged, helping business improve operations and customer service, and enabling manufacturers to build higher quality products in safer environments.

Smart Search with AI

Built into the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system), Smart Video Search allows customers to quickly search across all cameras and all locations and instantly find the exact video they’re looking for, and quickly share video clips. There is no extra subscription fee, and no special cameras, hardware or local installation are needed.

Similar to a web search, customers type in descriptions such as “man with blue shirt”, “person with backpack”, or “white Toyota car”. Results can be narrowed down by date, time, location or camera. Eagle Eye uses AI to index video in near real time, making the video searchable almost instantly, and delivering fast, accurate results. For example, if there’s a security incident in a parking garage, users can search and–within minutes–find the person who entered the parking facility in that region.

Business owners and security directors can use Smart Video Search to set up real-time alerts to notify them of important or problematic situations. Another important feature of Search is “re-identification,” the ability to identify a person of interest and follow them across all cameras. Examples include: getting an alert when a vehicle or person enters a facility at odd times, or when an unauthorized car parks in a restricted spot.

All your cameras in one place

Eagle Eye Cloud VMS allows you to add cameras from anywhere in the world to build a surveillance system that makes sense for your company.

Traditional video security systems require substantial amounts of hardware, complicated installations and constant software maintenance and management. Eagle Eye Networks is here to change that with straightforward, enterprise-grade performance that is easy to deploy, remotely manage, and seamlessly integrate with your third party systems.

Spend less time managing your video surveillance system and more time running and optimizing your business. Our powerful analytics provide you with information you can actually act on, such as bringing to light employee training gaps, alerting of potential safety liabilities, providing necessary audit trails, and simplifying compliance reporting.

Store your video in the cloud

Public clouds cater to large numbers of users who pay as needed, but are subject to price increases and policy changes implemented by the cloud provider. The Eagle Eye Cloud is purpose built to store and manage video. Because it’s purpose built, the Eagle Eye Cloud is more efficient and faster for video, designed to minimize latency and provide cost savings by eliminating the middleman.