Rekey Lock

Change just your key instead of the whole lock – when you have good quality locks.

Re-Key your locks
when you move

Who has keys for your house?

Controlling who has copies of your keys is an essential part of security.  It is just common sense.

As the saying goes common sense is not so common.

Many people choose not to change the key of their lock when they move into a new house or business.  This means that the builder, (and the builders employees,) the previous owner or tenant, (and their employees or family,) and who-knows-who else has keys.

This a problem in Toronto.

About 50% of break and enters occur without any signs of forced entry – many of those are with a key.

Insurance companies don’t like to pay out when there is no sign of forced entry.

So for a small fee we recommend you take control of your keys by rekeying your locks.

For a little more you can buy a Mul-T-Lock cylinder and upgrade your lock so only you can make more keys.

What is a “Re-Key”?

Good quality locks do not need to be replaced when your keys are stolen or misplaced.

Our qualified locksmiths can take your locks apart and fit new keys.

Almost all door locks can be rekeyed.  Almost every lock cylinder can be upgraded to a Mul-T-Lock Cylinder.

What is a good quality deadbolt?

We recommend name brand deadbolts that meet Toronto Police minimum requirements:

1.  One inch (1”) throw on bolt
2.  Bolt should be dead locking
3.  Lock should have a free-spinning collar
4.  The key should have a minimum of five (5) cuts  Please consider installing a grade 2 or better lock.  Grade 3 deadbolts commonly installed are easily opened using hand tools.

Upgrade Your Lock

Our Locksmith is happy to change the key that operates your lock.  We call this a Rekey Service.

It is essential to rekey your locks (sometimes referred to as changing your locks) when you don’t have control of all the copies.

Many keys can be copied at the corner store without your knowledge or permission.

Locksmith rekeying a lock