Burglar Alarm

Electronic systems break down more often than mechanical systems.  Our technicians are happy to make repairs to your alarm system.


A lock helps keep a burglar out of your home.
An alarm lets you know when a burglar gets in.

Wireless Technology Security Window Bars
Communication  TM40_45degres Keypads
Listen-In Device Software

The basic alarm kit is recommended for both residential and store front / office use.  This kit comes complete with everything you need, one motion detector and two door contacts.  Additional sensors can be added for a flat fee.


SSI is a different type of alarm company.  We started in the alarm system business to provide our customers with peace of mind.  Most alarm companies do not understand the needs of the customer.  For example, a store owner was a victim of a smash and grab burglary.  The burglar broke a window worth $2,000 and took about $200 worth of the store owners products.

The store owner called his alarm company who recommended a glass break detector add-on for the alarm system.

The next night the store owner was again hit by the same burglar and again had losses amounting to $2,200.  He was furious.  He called his alarm company who told him the glass break detector worked – the alarm started when the window was smashed.

That was when the store owner called SSI.  We recommended he install steel security bars on the inside of his window.  The store owner has not had a problem since.

How can we help you?

How we are different:

1)  No Contract
2)  We are your one stop security shop:  Locks, Alarms & Window Bars
3)  No charge for false alarms
4)  Local Company, Local Monitoring Station, Local (made in Canada) Equipment
5)  Fast Alarm Response




We want your business.

If you live in a Security Club area we need your business and your neighbours need your help.

SSI offers residents and businesses in the Queen/Spadina neighbourhood as fast as one minute guard response time to alarm monitoring dispatch.


How can we make such a claim? 

Easy our patrol car is already there!


Most alarm companies rely on guards who cover a huge area of the city.  If they are on the other side of town, you will have to wait 20 minutes to an hour (or more) before they arrive.


Every night, we have our patrol car in the neighbourhood from Queen/Spadina to King/Bathurst ensuring our customers’ buildings are safe and secure.  When they receive the dispatch to your address, they may already be there.


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