Mul-T-Lock Keys


  • Unique “dimple” cuts can not be copied on a standard key machine.
  • Patent protected key and cylinder.
  • Unique floating pin interact with matching pins in the cylinder.
  • Ten cuts on the key for ten pins in the cylinder.
  • Side pins add additional combinations.
  • Double sided key = 2 keys in 1
  • Colour coded
  • Strong construction
  • Control card allows you to make more keys
  • All Mul-T-Lock products can be keyed to one key


The Mul-T-Lock Interactive+ Key

This key can only be produced when a special card is presented to the locksmith who originally sold the lock.  The locksmith’s dealer number and phone number are stamped right on the key.

Key control is the most important part of any lock system.  If you don’t have control of your keys then who has control of your possessions behind locked doors.

To make additional Keys:

  1. Bring Card to Spadina Security’s Store
  2. Staff will ask for ID
  3. Make as many keys as you like


New Options from Mul-T-Lock

Cliq Interactive



Adds electronic access control features to your keys. Adds an electronic proximity card to your key.