Lost Your Key?

Many people think the value of a key is just the few dollars it takes to make a copy. The truth is that the value of a key is the precious possessions kept behind the lock that key operates. Think THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

When a key gets lost it becomes a flaw in your home or office security, especially in Toronto. By some measures 50% of all break-ins occur with no visible signs of entry. In other words with a key.

This becomes a larger issue for the lock owner when trying to make an insurance claim. Insurance covers losses for break and enter. When the key is lost, the person who finds the key also has your permission to enter. At least that is what the insurance companies claim.

The solution is to rekey your locks when a key is lost. A rekey is the service a locksmith preforms that locks out all the old keys, from that lock, and enables a new, unique key to operate your lock.

The importance of regular lock maintenance includes key management as well as mechanical service. You are responsible for your front door. Make sure you know where all your keys are.

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