Safe Service


Can you keep a secret?

If you can’t, don’t get a safe. If someone knows you have a safe they will think you have something worth stealing.

Never tell anyone NOT EVEN FRIENDS AND FAMILY that you own a safe!

Drop safe used in restaurants and retail stores.  Large cash bills are skimmed from the till and deposited into the safe through a hopper.  This reduces the chances of robbers as staff are not given the combination of the safe.If you own jewelry, if you keep cash in your home or if you have important documents, then yes you need a safe.

Valuables must be kept secure behind several layers of security. The lock on your front door is the first security measure a would-be thief will likely encounter. Ensure that it is installed correctly and is functioning. A second layer could be a burglar alarm system that lets you know when your first layer has been compromised.

The final layer should be a safe. Safes are designed to be very difficult to open. A thief who has broken into your private space, then sets off your alarm will not have the time to attempt to open a safe.

Smaller safes should always be bolted down by a professional.Our technician delivering a small safe.

Safes protect valuables from a variety of conditions including burglary, fire and flood.

Before pricing out a safe make sure you know what your needs are.

A-rated = Affordable
B-rated = burglary resistant (Rated by UL)
F-rated = fire resistant (Rated by UL)
C-rated = combination fire and burglary resistant
D-rated = diversion safe

Talk to our locksmith to determine which type of safe is right for you.