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Cloud Cameras / Cloud Access Control / Smart Home

The cloud is the new way of doing business. First we used the web to connect to each other, then we used the internet to connect to things, now we use the cloud to access servers. This gives us Gmail, GSuite, Dropbox, Quickbooks Online, Salesforce, Yardi Breeze and thousands more applications in the cloud – and many of them can connect to each other.


Access control refers to electronically locking and unlocking a door. Once we hook up a cpu to the door we can do all kinds of things. Door unlock schedule is a normal way to leave a door unlocked during the day and having it lock at a specific time. This can get kind of complicated when you consider weekends and holidays.

Cards and fobs can be used as a credential instead of a key. The big benefit is that each card or fob is unique and can be deactivated without effecting others. Mechanical keys are all identical, if you need to change one key you need to change them all. Once you have over 10 employees it often makes sense to hand out cards instead of keys.

These systems can also gather data. They have a log of when people scan their card or fob and other events depending on the system.

Brivo in the cloud

Once you add in the power of the cloud access control truly becomes amazing. Distances disappear. You can have access doors in different buildings or even different cities, your card with get you access to the doors that you have permission to enter.

First, access your access control dashboard from anywhere. Home, the office, the Bahamas while on vacation. Work becomes so easy you don’t even feel like you are working. You can use any computer (even a Mac), tablet or phone to program new users or check the log. And it’s fast.

Second, you can plug-in other cloud application. Eagle Eye cameras can appear in the Brivo log, giving you an image to confirm that the person presenting the access card or fob is the right person. Other cloud applications that you are already using may be able to connect to Brivo to share databases – translate that to you don’t have to type in peoples names five times into five different programs.

Third, you get enterprise in the cloud. The same software, the same security and the same features that enterprise level users pay for you get as well. With the standard version of the software you get some less features but you probably don’t want them anyway so why pay for them? And when your company grows and you do need additional features you can just upgrade with the click of a button.

Our newest feature allows you to replace cards and fobs with your smart phone. Simply email permission to your employee, family member or visitor. They can easily download the app and unlock doors in their group with the push of the magic button.

Eagle Eye VMS

Cameras all do the same thing – send an image to a recorder. Now that recorder can be in the cloud. This makes it easier to access your recordings and view them wherever you are.

Instead of buying hard drives for your video recorder you can use cloud storage and never need to buy more disks. If you need additional space you have it at the click of a button. The equipment is in the cloud, not in your office. Recordings can no longer be stolen or damaged. Recordings are stored with triple redundancy. That’s a back up of a back up.

New features are added and software is updated without bothering you. You get the latest features without having to buy new equipment. Google like search is available on Eagle Eye from your first day. Looking for a man with blue pants? Type in “man with blue pants” and the AI will show you all the men wearing blue pants who walked past your cameras.

Adding futuristic features is easier than ever before. Need license plate recognition, there is a cloud plug in for that. Facial recognition just subscribe to the cloud software and plug it in.

The cloud erases distance. Have three cameras downtown and one uptown? Watch them all on your customized screen.

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