Environmental Policy


green-lock-iconSpadina Security is proud to of our environmental initiatives.

The management has always taken a leadership role in the industry, often being the first to offer new products, services and ways of doing business.

Our company was the first locksmith to publish our prices online, the first to offer an iPhone app, and now the first locksmith in Toronto to take steps, as a company, to protect the environment.

Like you, we always recycle using city services.  Now we at Spadina Security are trying to do more.green-home-icon

Spadina Security has invested in cloud accounting.  The first step in creating a paperless corporate environment.

This is an important part in becoming a truly environmentally friendly company.

Our managers have moved our office to the most environmentally friendly building in Toronto.  Located at 501 Alliance Avenue, this building, when completed, will be Leeds Certified and utilize both solar power and geothermal energy.  Many other environmental companies will be our neighbours.

Our invoices will be done on an iPad and sent to your email account.  Payment can be made by credit card, cheque or cash.  Receipts can also be sent by email.

Suppliers have been receptive to our Green plan.  Some will take back boxes used for packaging for reuse.

Spadina Security is committed to being the greenest, most environmentally friendly locksmith and alarm company in the city of Toronto.

Here is where we are in that process:

  1. We moved our business office to Toronto’s greenest building
  2. We collect boxes from the locks we install and return them to our suppliers to be reused
  3. We will take your old lock to be recycled
  4. Where practical we are switching to hybrid vehicles to save on carbon emissions
  5. We are paperless!  Your invoice will be emailed to you while we are on site

Please consider the environment when hiring your locksmith.green-heart-icon