Always hire a professional locksmith to install a good quality deadbolt for your front door.


Every external door needs a good quality deadbolt
Your Deadbolt is your first line of defence against Burglary. Toronto Police Services (TPS) advise you install a deadbolt, on every exterior door, with a free-spinning collar and at least a one inch long bolt. Upgrading your locks can be an economical means of improving the value of your home at the same time as protecting the contents you value.At Spadina Security we offer a variety of deadbolts for your home and office. Call today to speak with our locksmith

The latest technology in deadbolt security is also beautiful.  Our locksmith can help you choose the correct style, finish and key for your personal needs.

Shown here are the Mul-T-Lock Hercular deadbolt in antique brass finish, with decorative trim, the Arrow V2 touchscreen deadbolt with a Mul-T-Lock cylinder and the Schlage B560, the standard deadbolt we recommend.

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