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Security Cameras

We offer many different camera packages. State of the art is 4k Datasheet for Eyeonet 4KCameras

Universal Washroom Kit

View our universal washroom kit flyer here:

Home Automation

What can we do in your house or condo?  

Mul-T-Lock Hercular Deadbolt

Features: Protection from Physical Attack: Hammer Solid brass construction ¼” steel mounting screws Wrench Free spinning solid brass collar Saw Hardened steel bolt Pry bar Bolt penetrates frame a full 1 inch Bolt total length 1-5/8” Ball bearings expand in strike

Mul-T-Lock Keys

Features: Unique “dimple” cuts can not be copied on a standard key machine. Patent protected key and cylinder. Unique floating pin interact with matching pins in the cylinder. Ten cuts on the key for ten pins in the cylinder. Side pins add

A New Standard Key

Today, we recommend High Security Mul-T-Lock Deadbolts on doors that you want and need secure. Most importantly:  Only you can make new keys. When you need to make additional keys, bring the key order card to SSI with photo ID and

Common Keys

Common Keys Paracentric Keys The keys shown here are probably similar to the keys you have in your pocket.  Widely used today, these keys were a major technological advance over bit keys. Using five pins in the lock and five cuts

A Brief History of Keys

Bit or Barrel Key Yesterday, we used this type of key for security. It was state of the art technology and virtually unbeatable. Over time criminals developed tools and skills which they used to defeat locks that use this key. The

Guide to Buying a Lock

A lock is the most reliable machine that you use everyday.  That means that you may only buy a lock once in your lifetime.  How do you get good at buying the right lock?  This is the motivation behind writing

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